Who Owns An Academy Award

I’d like to thank the Academy…for nothing.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Beloved actress Valerie Harper won Emmy awards for her performances as Rhoda Morganstern on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1975.  Apparently 1974 wasn’t a great year for her, at least according to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences—nor is 2020, as The Academy has filed a lawsuit against the auction house poised to sell those Emmy statues on behalf of her heirs.

The Academy claims that a celebrity actually gets an Emmy statue on loan—the actor gets to keep it for his or her lifetime and can pass it on to heirs, but according to the suit, never gets title to it so the Academy retains ownership. They claim allowing it to be sold or auctioned tarnishes its value, and they want to stop it its scheduled auction.

The auction house argues that isn’t what happened.  They say that it and other auction houses have sold many Emmys over the years, and that the Academy can’t apply new rules retroactively, so we will wait to see who gives the better courtroom performance.

From The Judge Group, I’m Amy E. Feldman for KYW News Radio.

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