Termination for Political Speech

Whole Foods is facing a lawsuit by employees claiming they faced job action for wearing Black Lives Matter masks. I’m Amy E. Feldman

Whole Foods is defending itself against a class action lawsuit claiming employees were disciplined for wearing facemasks that said Black Lives Matter.

Savannah Kinzer, one of the plaintiffs, claims she was fired her for wearing a BLM mask.  Whole Foods said that its dress code prohibits slogans or logos not affiliated with the company, and said it can’t comment on pending litigation, but then did saying no one—including Kinzer–got fired for wearing a BLM Mask; rather Kinzer was fired for reporting late multiple times and leaving during scheduled shifts.

Yikes, good luck getting a new job after that reference,  Savannah.  Regardless of Savannah’s termination, doesn’t a company have the right to enforce its dress code and prevent employees from wearing political apparel?  Yes.  A private employer can’t fire you for wearing a union insignia, they have the right to prevent you from displaying political buttons and logos, provided the limitation is consistent with other types of non-political speech like a “no logos” policy for the Whole workforce.

From The Judge Group, I’m Amy E. Feldman for KYW News Radio. 

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