David and Victoria Beckham are happy for their 21 year old son’s engagement. His exgirlfriend, not so much. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

After Brooklyn Beckham, the 21-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham, announced his engagement, one of Brooklyn’s exgirlfriends told the press that she thinks he’s very young and way too immature. Huh, an exgirlfriend who thinks her ex is immature. Go figure.  But as for the young part, he is legally able to drink champagne at his wedding, although he can’t rent a car for his honeymoon until he’s 25.

But what’s the legal age to be married? It depends on state law. Pennsylvania just joined Delaware, New Jersey, and Minnesota by passing a law this summer that forbids anyone under 18 from getting married, even if they had parental permission.

All of the other states allow marriage if both parties are 18, and will allow underage marriage if the judge or parent consent or if one of the parties is pregnant, and some states like California have no minimum age at all. What many new spouses have learned the hard way, of course, is that legal age doesn’t necessarily equate to maturity —  of the groom, the bride, or the angry ex.

From The Judge Group,  I’m Amy E. Feldman for KYW News Radio.

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