Big Ten Lawsuit Football Season

University of Nebraska athletes are not taking the postponement of the fall season lying down. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Big Ten Conference announced recently it was postponing the fall football season to keep people safe. From COVID, apparently—the word concussions was not discussed. The decision prompted a lawsuit brought by eight University of Nebraska football players. But do they get a say in the decision made by the Conference?

Well they don’t get a vote. And there are no laws that say football programs have to have games. But there are laws that say that if a board makes rules about how it governs itself, it has to abide by those rules. And that’s at the heart of this lawsuit- the players argue that the Big Ten’s governing documents require that they holding a formal vote on the matter, which players say they didn’t do before they made the decision and that it hurt the athletes’ ability to showcase their brands. So much for playing for the fun of it.

The Big Ten says they did hold the vote, so it’s hard to see how the players win this one, but maybe when the pandemic is over, this new found care for health and safety will mean that college football programs will start protecting kids from other injuries.

From The Judge Group, I’m Amy E. Feldman for KYW News Radio.

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