Drone Delivery

Drone delivery is one step closer to become a reality… but how many steps are left after that? I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Walmart announced this week that it will begin testing delivery by drone. It follows on the heels of Amazon’s approval from the FAA to use delivery drones two weeks ago. The approval is the first part of a legal process under FAA regulations that otherwise wouldn’t permit a company to fly a drone beyond how far the person piloting the drone can see with his own eyes.

But even with the approval, there are still legal issues that will prevent you from getting your 25 rolls of toilet paper delivered now now now! For one thing, there are FAA restrictions on airspace where drones are prohibited from flying, and altitude restrictions prevent drones from being flown more than 400 feet above the ground. Once that drone arrives at airspace above your property, the FAA says it can’t just drop the product what with people’s heads in the way and all; neither can it come down into a crowd where its propellers could cut into those heads.

So drone delivery is a step closer to becoming a reality but if you need something now, you’re going to have to send your kid to the store to get it.

From the Judge Group, I’m Amy E. Feldman.

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