A Florida Woman was Hit by a Turtle. Whose Insurance Pays?

Paramedics were called by a driver on I-95 in Daytona, Florida when a turtle smashed through her windshield, injuring her passenger, her 71-year-old-mother. So, whose insurance pays?

The answer is neither State Farm nor Farmers (obviously, turtles don’t live on farms) – but it’s not about the turtle. It’s about the people. If you’re in a car accident, more than one insurance plan could conceivably cover you: both your car and your health insurance – or the insurance of the other party. No, still not the turtle: the injury was to the passenger, but there was a person driving when it happenened.

The hospital will ask for the injured’s medical insurance card, but the medical insurance will ultimately seek reimbursement from the car insurance of the at-fault driver. Where there’s no fault, the driver’s auto insurance usually pays if a passenger is harmed. Lucky for the Daytona turtle, it meandered away with just a few scratches on its shell.

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