Senior Prank Suspension

Half of the senior class of Comfort High School was suspended because of a forking senior prank. You heard me. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Half of the graduating class at a high school in Comfort, Texas was suspended for the last two weeks of high school because of the senior prank, in which they stuck plastic forks all over the practice field. Some then went inside the school and—wait for it—left behind streamers and balloons. Man, they’re strict in a town called “comfort”. While the police weren’t called (for obvious reasons), every year senior pranks do lead to legal charges.

If you are a high school senior and are thinking of participating in a senior prank, here’s what to avoid doing: stealing stuff, vandalizing anything, trespassing, particularly with alcohol, and anytime people or animals get hurt, it will lead to charges. Even if the prank isn’t illegal, the school can discipline you. So think about whether that’s how you want to stick a fork in your high school career—you’ll be done.

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