Well, that’s one way to disrupt a campaign rally. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The campaign rally for a candidate for mayor of Albuquerque was disrupted recently when a drone was flown in front of the candidate while he was speaking, with a dangling sex toy hanging from it. Hilarious! I mean, so immature.

Sex toy notwithstanding, is it trespassing if someone flies a drone over someone else’s property? That depends. FAA regulations say that it’s ok to fly a properly registered drone over someone else’s property as long as the drone isn’t flown near an airport, military facility, or higher than 400 feet above ground level, and provided that it’s not flown recklessly or with the intent to harass. Some states, including Pennsylvania, have laws that further limit drone flights, so that they can’t be flown in a way that would put a person in reasonable fear of injury, for surveillance, or to handle contraband. The candidate’s security team took other measures—they swatted down the drone and took the toy.

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