Cuba Gooding Jr. Default Judgement

I’m Amy E. Feldman, with the easiest way to lose a lawsuit.

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. recently lost a lawsuit filed against him by a bartender who claimed while she was serving him, he repeatedly tried to grab her behind. In response to the lawsuit, Gooding… did nothing. He apparently never hired a lawyer, never responded to the lawsuit, entered no answer to the complaint, and as a result, lost the lawsuit in what is called a default judgement. It’s like when a team forfeits a game because it can’t get enough players—or, in Gooding’s case—fails to get any players to show up and play ball.

It’s all well and good to tell the press that you won’t even dignify this nonsense with a response, but failing to dignify a court filing is the surest way to lose a case. If a case is filed against you, get a lawyer to proclaim your innocence—don’t just ignore it, or else the court will enter a judgment in favor of your opponent, and then you will be forced to show them the money.

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