False Positive Drug Test

A track star says she was banned from the Olympics because of a false positive drug test. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

American track star Shelby Houlihan announced she was banned from the Olympics because she tested positive for a performance enhancing drug, which she says was a false positive, likely the result of a pork burrito she ate.   True or not, that is one of the most common defenses people use if they fail a drug test according to Quest Diagnostics, which says that “it must have been something I ate,” is the most common excuse given, although people usually blame “poppy seed muffins”. Also common: I take supplements, not drugs—and of course the ever popular: I inhaled secondhand pot smoke at a party. Houlihan says steroids are common in pork products, which is true, and sometimes—rarely, but sometimes—a positive is false. To avoid that, bring your prescriptions to the test to show they’ve been legally prescribed. Avoid hemp products, along with parties where pot is smoked—and pork burritos if you’re in training for the Olympics.

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