Recreational Boat Regulations

It wasn’t just unicorns Noah forgot.  Turns out it was also a permit.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A giant 230-foot-long replica of Noah’s Ark, intended to be a floating biblical museum, has been detained at a British Port since it left Holland in 2019, racking up daily fines of five hundred dollars—for a total of seventeen thousand dollars so far—because authorities say that it doesn’t have the proper permits to prove it’s seaworthy.  I don’t know who’s representing Noah, but I wouldn’t want to face that guy in court.

In the US, if you have a recreational boat, you also have to get it properly registered in the state you primarily use it.  The US Coast guard requires you to carry safety equipment including life jackets and you may also need to carry visual distress signs and fire extinguishers.  Even if the boat is properly registered and safely maintained, you still need to operate it lawfully like operating it only when you’re sober—or you will have to answer to a higher authority.

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