Girl Scout Cookie Expiration Dates

The Girl Scouts have fifteen million problems on their hands.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts recently revealed that because of the pandemic, many troops cancelled their traditional cookie booths, so the Girl Scouts now find themselves with fifteen million boxes of unsold cookies.  So, does that mean that all those delicious shortbread cookies (or whatever other flavor people who are wrong about the best Girl Scout Cookies buy) are no good because they have expired?  Well, preference wise, all of you Thin Mint types are just wrong.

Legally, except for infant formula, product dating is NOT generally required by federal law.  A sell by date tells a store how long to display the product.  A use by—or, as the Girl Scout Cookie box says—use or freeze by date is recommended for best quality flavor but doesn’t mean it’s unsafe so long as it was handled safely and properly stored—so you can still eat them after that.  Or send them over here and I will.

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