An NFL draft pick is learning a lesson about being a big kid now.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

23-year-old Rashad Weaver, the fourth-round draft pick for the Tennessee Titans, tweeted that his mom told him that now that he’s in the NFL, he needs to pay his own cell phone bill, which, he joked, makes him feel “betrayed”.  He thinks he feels betrayed, imagine how his mom is going to feel if she still gets his bills if she doesn’t take him off her plan.

While parents aren’t generally responsible for the debts incurred by their adult children who get their own credit cards, or cell phone plans, or other soon to be financial  “learning experiences” when they realize that giving a piece of plastic to a store to bring home new merch eventually comes with the need to pay actual currency, just because a kid turns 21 doesn’t mean he’s off your books if you voluntarily added him to your plan or acted as his cosigner.  In that case, you’d have to remove him from your plan and tell him if he wants to call his agent, he has to get his own plan.

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