Can Colleges Mandate COVID Vaccines?

The threat of what may become a wave of lawsuits based on one COVID-related policy may be coming to a college near you.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The University of Connecticut revealed it received a letter by an organization claiming to represent a group of UConn students threatening a lawsuit unless UConn revokes its mandate that students receive a COVID-19 vaccine before they’re allowed to return to campus.  UConn is among a growing list of colleges—so far more than 400—with a vaccine mandate, although a growing list of states—so far, 15 mostly southern states—have signed laws barring institutions from requiring proof of the vaccine.  Even in states with no such law, colleges are required to accommodate students who can’t be vaccinated because of medical reasons.  UConn has not said if it will bow to the pressure by lawyers, but it said a poll it conducted of its students found most students support its mandate.

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