Tour de France Spectator Lawsuit

Organizers of the Tour de France are planning to sue the spectator who triggered a crash. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The deputy director of the Tour de France said that a woman who held up a sign that translates to “go grandma and grandpa!” which clipped a rider setting off a mass crash, will be sued. Plenty has been written about who can sue if a spectator gets injured at a sporting event, but can you sue a spectator who causes injuries at a sporting event?

Yes, and it’s happened when spectators got violent or intentionally hurt others in the stands. But unless the woman’s grandparents hate bike riders, it is going to be hard to prove she intentionally caused harm. Even so, spectators can be sued if they’re just reckless to the possibility they’d hurt someone, like by hurling a beer bottle—or even just negligent, if they left a bottle or a sign—where someone was likely to trip.

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