Water Filters

The marketing director of Coors Light refers to the process as “de-ick-ifying”. I’m Amy E. Feldman with what you need to know about water filters.

Tampa Bay Lightning fans can now literally drink to the Stanley Cup ice.  Coors Light collected the shavings off the rink during the Stanley Cup finals to brew a limited edition Champions Ice Beer. Don’t worry, the ice plus any blood, sweat, or tears of the players, has been processed through Coors Light highly effective commercial filters, although I don’t want to test it.

But what about the filter in your own water pitcher? What are the regulations on those? Well there are no federal regulations regarding the design or effectiveness of water filters, and state regulations aren’t intended to provide a guarantee that the final filtered water will be purified against all contaminants. That said, a product can’t mislead you so read the packaging to see what it’s actually promising to decontaminate and how often you need to change the filter. And then, maybe wash it down with a cold brew.

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