Leopards and Lunch Regulations

Kids—and at least one leopard—wonder what’s for lunch in the school cafeteria.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Authorities were called to a school near Mumbai, India after a leopard wandered into the school’s cafeteria.  It’s noteworthy that it was the leopard who needed to be rescued, not the workers or kids.  Perhaps the leopard had seen the lunch options and was unable to identify the mystery meat.

But standards in the U.S. for what food is served are no mystery—they’re based on the requirements of the National School Lunch Program which reimburses schools for the cost of the meals if they meet requirements by offering foods from the five required components: whole or enriched grain, fruit, vegetable, meat or meat alternative, and milk.  Serving sizes vary based on the grade level of the students.  No word on what was served in India, but the leopard was tranquilized and sent to an animal sanctuary, and like most kids, the students probably felt tranquilized after eating lunch and were sent back to class.

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