Rodents Damage Car Wiring

Oh rats! Car owners have a complaint on their hands.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Soy has been touted as a commodity with many benefits including reducing environmental impacts in manufacturing and animal farming.  Also, turns out it is delicious, at least according to the rodents who are chomping down on wiring in Teslas and other cars that use soybean in wire insulation.  To date, car manufacturers have been sued over their use of soy in wiring because it’s known that rodents are drawn to chew on electric wire, but lawsuits against both Honda and Toyota have been dismissed because courts have found that the use of soy in wiring is not a design defect.

So, until courts decide otherwise or rodents, like people, realize soy isn’t as delicious as a real burger, owners need to know that most car warranties don’t cover rodent damage; instead you might consider buying a product to deter rodents and make sure you have a comprehensive insurance policy, which usually covers rodent damage.

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