Indiana University Vaccine Mandate

An Indiana Court just decided whether or not to stop a college from implementing a vaccine mandate.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Eight students sued Indiana University over the university’s vaccine mandate, which requires students who don’t have a medical or religious exemption to be vaccinated before returning to campus, arguing the rule is unconstitutional.  The students had asked the court for an emergency injunction, which means they wanted the court to refuse to allow the rule to go into effect while the parties are fighting it out in court.  The Indiana Court just decided that it would not grant the students an emergency injunction so the University may now enforce its mandate.

Indiana University is one of over four hundred colleges and universities that have implemented a vaccine mandate and while courts in other jurisdictions are not bound to follow what this court decided, judges often are persuaded by rulings made in other jurisdictions—so this decision bodes well for colleges that have similar mandates.

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