Eviction Moratorium Lawsuit

A trade union of landlords sued the government for rent lost during the pandemic.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The eviction moratorium that was issued by the CDC last year to prohibit landlords from evicting certain renters during the pandemic expired at the end of July, but before it did, a landlord trade group called the National Apartment Association, whose members control ten million rental units, sued the federal government, claiming that the moratorium was illegal and left landlords holding the bag on twenty-six billion dollars in rental debt because they couldn’t evict nonpaying tenants.  The suit seeks to get landlords compensation for the unpaid rent and to get the court to issue an order saying that the federal government will never do it again.  While some courts have agreed that the CDC exceeded its authority, no court has yet said that it would be unconstitutional for the CDC ever to issue a rule in the future, so this case is likely to get its eviction notice from the court.

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