Does a Vaccine Mandate still Apply when you have Antibodies?

A law professor sued his university because he says its vaccine policy shouldn’t apply to him.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Like many colleges, George Washington University implemented a COVID policy for students and faculty, which strongly encourages, but does not mandate, employees get a COVID vaccine.  It does require unvaccinated employees to work from home or wear masks on campus, physically distance, and undergo frequent COVID testing.  A law professor just sued the university over the policy because he already had COVID, and based on his medical testing, says he has antibodies that he says render a vaccine medically unnecessary.  In the lawsuit, he argues that the policy should be tailored to cover only people whose medical testing shows they lack immunity.

Several courts have already considered whether campus vaccine mandates are legal, and have found they are legal, so it is highly unlikely that the professor will win, but it will of course make a good law school exam question on the rights of an employer to mandate a vaccine.

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