Glassdoor Defamation Lawsuit

So, about that Glassdoor review you’re posting about your last job.  Let’s pause.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Wyatt Troia was a software engineer for a company that he said fired him before his stock options could vest.  He wasn’t happy, and posted a review on the website Glassdoor, in which he called the company a raging dumpster fire, a fraudulent, exploitative mess, and called the company’s executives the scum of the earth.  Yeah, but how do you really feel?  Well, he probably really feels like he needs a lawyer since he’s been sued by the company for defamation.

Many people who post anonymous reviews think their identity can’t be traced and they are free to say whatever they want.  First, remember that if you’re posting specific details, it’s not hard to figure out who you are.  Second, while you are free to give your opinion—and may give truthful facts if you don’t have a nondisclosure agreement—facts that are false and harm a person or a company’s reputation can make you liable for defamation, so think before lighting the match on that dumpster fire.

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