A Baltimore man had two women who wanted to bury him.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Maryland woman is suing a funeral home for staging her husband’s cremation and burying him.  According to a lawsuit filed by Demetra Street, Ivan, her husband of four years, died in January.  She said she showed the funeral home her marriage certificate and set a date for the memorial service.  The funeral home was also contacted by a different woman claiming to be Ivan’s wife, who showed an unofficial marriage license from 1997.  According to the suit, the funeral home took both women’s money, buried Ivan, and later held a memorial service in front of what Demetra thought was Ivan’s ashes.

Not clear whether the other woman was still married to him or not, but it happens not infrequently, that when a marriage falls apart, the couple live separate lives and find new partners.  But if they never bothered getting officially divorced, any future marriage would be void.  If you want a new spouse, the divorce paperwork won’t kill you—but if you don’t get it, your new love will want to.

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