Three-Parent Birth Certificate

Last week the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics registered a first.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Statistically there’s a first for everything.  The Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics recorded its own first last week when it issued a three-parent birth certificate.  The birth certificate listing three parents is a first in Massachusetts, but not the first in the country; in Florida, a judge already agreed to allow a biological father and a lesbian couple to be named on the birth certificate when all three planned to co-parent.

Beyond whose names appear on the birth certificate though, courts and lawmakers in 12 states have recognized that children can have more than two parents, like in North Dakota where a court found that a man who raised a child whom he believed to be his biological son had parental rights even though a paternity test later revealed otherwise.  Of course, no matter how many adults are considered parents, let’s just see who steps forward when the baby starts behaving like a teenager.

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