Tombstone Lawsuit and Rules

A lawsuit against a tombstone maker was just filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General.  I’m Amy E. Feldman. 

A tombstone in a cemetery in Mexico features a large marble cross with an inscription that translates to “now you are in the Lord’s hands.  Lord, watch your wallet.”  While one can safely assume that the Lord need not be worried, those on Earth do need to watch their wallets when it comes to the purchase of a headstone.  The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office just filed a lawsuit against a gravestone company, alleging it would call people who had lost loved ones and tell them they are the preferred headstone vendor, which was not true, and then would fail to deliver the headstones.  But you should know that although there are state laws, rules about which headstones can be used are generally created by individual cemeteries, which decide what size, shape, or type they can be.  So find out the cemetery’s requirements so you don’t buy a headstone only to discover that you can’t use it.  You already lost a loved one.  Don’t lose your money too.

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