Sloth Petting Zoo Lawsuit

A woman is suing a South Carolina petting zoo after her child was bitten by a sloth.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Two very different versions of what actually happened that led to a lawsuit against an unlicensed South Carolina petting zoo emerged: either a child who, along with his mother, was given no instruction on how to handle or feed the animals was bitten down to the bone by a sloth—or, in the defendant’s version, a mother was holding a child while taking selfies near sloths when, after three warnings to move, the child was lightly bitten on the finger.  Either way, experts agree that while sloths sleep 15 hours a day, (sound like any teenagers you know?) they are nonetheless wild animals—and, either way, the legal lesson is the same: petting zoos have to be licensed, so ask to the see the license before stepping into an enclosure with even the slowest moving of animals—your teenager—and you should both get instructions how to handle the exotics in the cage with you.

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