Raiders Vaccine Mandate

The first NFL team just added a vaccine mandate for fans.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Las Vegas Raiders announced last week that it will mandate that fans wishing to enter its stadium must show proof of a COVID vaccine.  But aren’t the Raiders legally obligated to give a seat to season ticket holders who have already paid dearly (in money and heartache for that matter)?  Nope.  The money fans spent gave them license to use a seat—a license that could be revoked if the fans don’t abide by the rules of the stadium (no matter which stadium the Raiders choose to abscond to)—even if the rules change after the ticket was bought because the agreement says the team reserves the right to change the rules.

Raider-bashing aside for the moment, the team has made the decision to keep its fans as safe as possible by ensuring that anyone who is sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with another fan has been vaccinated, to be sure that when it comes to COVID at least, what happens in Vegas won’t go any further than Vegas.

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