Bridesmaid Sues Bride

Nothing ruins a wedding—or a friendship—faster than a lawsuit.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A post on Reddit went viral this week after a woman who was asked to be a bridesmaid posted that she’d gotten a haircut two weeks before the wedding, which displeased the bride, who kicked her out of the wedding party.  The ex-bridesmaid, who’d bought $700 worth of dresses for the wedding events, said she was planning to sue the bride for the money she’d paid.  The online community overwhelmingly supported her claim against bridezilla, but would a judge?

Well, to win the case she’ll either have to prove that she had a contract that the bride breached, the contract being, “you agree to let me stand with you under the altar, and I’ll agree to pay for an ugly dress I’ll never wear again”—which would be hard to prove—or she’ll have to prove that she relied on the bride’s offer to have her in the wedding and then went out and spent a lot of money before the bride reneged, which is a better legal argument, although it’s not a better way to keep a friend if it’s too late to return the gift anyway.

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