Red Light Ticket

One woman got revenge on her ex with photos—of his car, driving through a red light.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A woman in China got the keys to her ex-boyfriend’s car, and then intentionally drove it through forty-nine red lights to rack up tickets for him.  Wow.  Evil.  But you kind of have to tip your hat, don’t you?  He probably wouldn’t agree.  But if this were in the US, would he have to tip his wallet? Does the car owner have to pay a red light camera ticket if someone else was behind the wheel?

Technically, owners are responsible only if they were driving when the violation occurred, so to beat the ticket, the vehicle owner would have to request a hearing and prove that he or she was not driving the car.  Even if you win though, fighting a ticket is a hassle and it doesn’t take a genius—not even an evil one—to know that there are worse potential consequences than getting a ticket if you or the person to whom you lend your car blows through a red light.

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