Commercial Driver’s License

Tell me you’re from Minnesota without telling me you’re from Minnesota.  How about: there’s an urgent need for Zamboni drivers.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Duluth Convention Center put out a request for the public’s help recruiting Zamboni drivers.  Is that the most Minnesota thing ever?  If you’re interested, the job pays $14 an hour, but they’re not so easy to drive, and you do not want to get stuck while rowdy hockey fans are watching.  But if you’re driving for work, do you have to get a commercial driver’s license?

Well, under federal law, you need a commercial driver’s license if you’re driving a vehicle with a gross weight rating of 26,000 pounds, any vehicle that is designed to transport sixteen or more people, or that carries hazardous waste.  You don’t need one to operate farm equipment, fire fighting equipment, military vehicles, or RVs.  You also do not need one to drive a Zamboni, so the job is yours if you get yourself to Minnesota.

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