A judge just decided the value of a man’s porn collection that his parents will have to pay.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

30,441 dollars.  That is the highly specific amount a judge just awarded to an Indiana man who moved in with parents after his divorce.  His parents proceeded to dump his large porn collection including VHS tapes, DVDs, and magazines—so he sued them, which seems wrong on so many levels including the fact that no one even owns a VCR to play those tapes, and also they are your parents—don’t bring porn into their house!

But legally, if someone takes your things—or trashes them, or sells them, you can sue.  The legal term for it is conversion—when one person wrongfully converts another person’s property to his own use by keeping, trashing, or selling it.  The man found an expert to put a value on what the parents had taken from him that the parents now have to pay.  His dignity, that he took for himself.

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