A Chicago couple is sending invoices to people who said they’d come to the couple’s wedding but failed to show.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A couple in Chicago has sparked a debate after posting copies of the invoices they sent to people who RSVP’d that they’d come to the couple’s wedding but then didn’t show up.  That sounds like a good way to ensure no one wants to come to your baby shower.  But assuming they prefer the cash to the lifelong friendship they’ll no doubt lose, can they sue if the invoices aren’t paid?

Well, an invitation isn’t a contract per se.  “I shall get married and pay for your dinner if you promise to show up and eat it.”  But even without a contract though, you can still sue someone if he made a promise to you and you reasonably relied on that promise to your detriment, “ok, I’ll buy your rubber chicken dinner since I believe you’ll be there to eat it.”  So, there is a chance that the newlyweds could win that case, but that will for sure make Thanksgiving dinner awkward.

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