Dogs on Public Transit

Who’s a good boy? Well, not this dog.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Passengers on a city bus in England realized after a dog followed a human passenger onto the bus that the human was not accompanying the dog.  The dog was, apparently, just following some random guy.  Guess he decided that the walking thing was for the birds.  Or at least not for the dogs.  Or at least not for him.  The dog was eventually taken to the station and reunited with his actual owner.

In the US though, would the dog even have been allowed to board a bus—say, with a human—in the first place?  A person who has a certified service animal can bring a service dog places that otherwise prevent animals.  As for non-service animals, it is up to the individual carrier to decide.  Most allow dogs or other animals that are small enough to fit in a pet carrier and remain on the owner’s lap.  You can go to for a list of public transportation that allows dogs.  Of course, it’s up to you to train the dog on how to throw in the correct fare.

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