Chicken Nugget Termination

Sometimes you can win an argument but lose your job.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A British man was furious when he got only three chicken nuggets at his company’s cafeteria and asked the cafeteria lady if she thought he was a child, giving him the serving size of a happy meal even though she gave others four nuggets.  Because what better way to prove you are a mature adult than by asking: how come he got more?  He shoved the plate right back at her.  Did I mention that he was the company’s human resources manager? Yeah, he was fired, but he sued the company for wrongful termination—and won almost $7,000.

Here’s the thing: in the United States, unless you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement, you’re an employee at will.  That means that you can get fired for any reason or no reason, and certainly for shoving a plate of food at the cafeteria lady when you are the one who is supposed to administer company HR policies.  Word to the wise: don’t get hangry.  No amount of chicken nuggets will cover the paycheck you will cost yourself.

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