Animal Collision

A moose wandered into traffic and hit a car.  How’s the car?  Asked no one—except the owner.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A moose charging through traffic in Worcester, Massachusetts last week hit a car, denting the door and smashing a window.  Animal control officers checked to make sure it wasn’t hurt, and then relocated it.  No report on whether the humans in the car were injured.  No one cared.

It’s rare to see a moose on the highway, (hence its newsworthiness) but there are plenty of collisions caused by other animals.  To protect yourself, your car, and your wallet, first know the hazard—deer mating season is September through November—so you may be likely to find them on roads, particularly at dawn and dusk, so slow down.  But know that deer, moose, and other animals don’t have great insurance in case you can’t avoid a collision—and not all car insurance policies cover collisions with animals, so you should check your policy to be sure you’re covered in case you’re the one in the moose-paper.  Sorry.

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