An appeals court just ruled on whether Pop Warner football could be held liable for the death of two players two decades after they played.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Two mothers sued the Pop Warner football organization for the head trauma their boys suffered when they played, which the mothers argued led to their deaths nearly two decades later.  According to the lawsuit, after their two sons’ deaths, one in a motorcycle accident, and one who died by suicide, their autopsies showed they had CTE, the brain condition linked to repeated head trauma.  But the trial court tossed out their case in 2019, saying the mothers failed to show sufficient links between the Pop Warner injuries and their behavior twenty years later.  

The mothers appealed, but the Appeals Court just ruled against the mothers, saying that although they had experts who said that playing Pop Warner could have caused CTE and that CTE is linked to suicidal and reckless behavior, the experts did not explain why Pop Warner was a likely cause rather than just a possible one.

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