Dr. Dre Fee Shifting

Bad enough to have to pay for your own divorce lawyer.  A judge just ordered Dr. Dre to pay for his ex’s lawyers too.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A California judge just ordered Dr. Dre to pay 1.5 million dollars in attorney fees—for the lawyers representing his soon to be ex-wife against him.  It’s like the kids’ game where one kid takes another kid’s hand and makes him slap himself and then asks “why are you hitting yourself?”  

Why indeed?  In general, litigants have to pay their own attorney’s fees, but there are some cases where a court will order the fees to be shifted to the other party.  If a party is behaving badly by, say, filing frivolous motions to harass the other, the judge may make that party pay.  But fees are more commonly shifted when there’s a substantial difference in the spouses’ income like, say, where one is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the other isn’t Dr. Dre but his ex, a non-practicing attorney.  Maybe she should hang a shingle, though. Sounds like the fees are pretty good.

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