Housing Love Letter

A new Oregon law makes one type of love letter illegal.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A template available online provides the format for writing a love letter, including the introduction, where you express your sincere interest, and the body, where you talk about your family and pets and why you find the recipient irresistible, and also tells you to send photos.  Which sounds kind of desperate, which it is.  Also, it could be illegal.

It’s not meant to get you a date (which is lucky because it surely wouldn’t).  It’s a real estate love letter, where buyers in this tight market try to convince a seller to take their offer over others.  Oregon recently outlawed the practice because of fear it could induce a seller to choose one buyer over another because of race, religion, or other discriminatory factor prohibited by the Fair Housing Act.  But here’s a thought: love is nice but cash is king.  Try increasing your offer and see if that works.

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