Many husbands are dismayed by their wives’ shoes.  One man sued when he tripped over them.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

An Ohio man who was helping his then-fiancée carry a box to her basement tripped over a pair of her shoes that she’d left on the landing, and fell down the steps.  He sued the fiancée, whom he married before the trial.  It’s possible that she’s very forgiving.  It’s possible they don’t discuss it at the dinner table.  Or it’s possible, since she happens to be a former insurance agent, that it occurred to them since they weren’t married and he apparently didn’t co-own the house, they could get her homeowners insurance policy to pay.

While a homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover injuries to the homeowner, most do cover personal injury to guests—unless, as the court ruled, the injury wasn’t caused by a hidden danger but rather by the guest’s own negligence.   He lost, since the court said he should have looked where he was going.   Probably now going home to an angry wife.

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