Telling Someone to Shoot You

You want someone to have tested your bulletproof vest; it should not be you, while you’re wearing it.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

An Illinois man who went to the hospital last week with a gunshot wound told deputies he and family members had been testing bulletproof vests, and he allowed someone to shoot him as he wore one.  Can you imagine the thought process: how can I be certain that this vest is really bulletproof?  Before someone shoots at me, Bob, come here.  Shoot at me!

Police are investigating, but assuming the man’s story is true, could the family member who shot him be arrested if the victim asked him to do it?  Yeah.  Legal tip: it’s illegal to shoot somebody, even if they tell you to.  Police want people to know that bullet proof vests aren’t a hundred percent effective, that people don’t always shoot the part that is covered by the vest, and you shouldn’t follow directions from someone who tells you to shoot at him.

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