No Trespassing Signs

One man learned the limits of his no trespassing signs.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

When Florida deputies went to the home of a man to investigate his neighbors’ numerous complaints about his excessively loud use of his riding lawn mower, the man revved the engine of said mower, and pointed to signs he’d posted that said “No Trespassing”.  You can do that? Put up signs that say no trespassing and then no one can come on your property?

Well, all 50 states have no trespassing laws, which in general prevent a person from entering another person’s property without consent and if posted conspicuously, the signs can give an owner greater legal recourse to show the trespasser knew he shouldn’t be there.  But it’s a common misperception that those signs prevent the police from entering with or without a warrant.  No trespassing signs don’t make it illegal for police to go on your property to talk to you—even if they can’t be heard over the noise of the riding mower you proved your neighbors were right to complain about.

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