Return By Dates

Because of shipping delays, you might be thinking of ordering Christmas gifts now.  Here’s a thought before you do. I’m Amy E. Feldman

Last month, it was reported that a record 56 cargo ships were stuck off the Coast of California.  In tandem with global supply chain shortages, you may be thinking about shopping for Christmas gifts now so they are here in time or so you can snatch them up before they’re out of stock.

But before you do, take a look at the return policy for the company you’re buying them from because there is no law that requires stores to have standard return policies.  They’re only bound by the policies they’ve created.  So, first, check to see if they start the return by date by the date you ordered it or the date you received it, and then see if they’ll extend it.  Either way, know how long you have—a 30 day return policy means that if you have that gift in hand by Thanksgiving, it will be too late to return it if you give it at Christmas.

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