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If you don’t like the fact that your kid’s principal is cool enough to love Iron Maiden, what information are you giving out to get her out?  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Sharon Burns is apparently an Iron Maiden fan, displaying two pictures on her Instagram giving the horns up sign with the band’s banner.  Parents at the school where Mrs. Burns is the principal were shocked she’d support what they called Satanic symbols, and started a petition to get rid of her.  She’s staying.

But at least they’ve made their feelings—and, oh yeah—names and locations available to, which says in its terms of use: Your name, city, state, country, and a link to your user profile may be displayed for any petition you sign.  It’s viewable to any visitor, including the media, search engines, and other organizations.  If you do not wish to have your support for a petition to be public, do not sign the petition.  Huh.  Good reading lesson in the law for parents.

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