One social media influencer found out when a selfie should not be taken.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Florida fitness model and influencer let her followers know her father had passed away.  One week later, she showed them, when she posted eight pictures of herself in different poses in front of what looks like an open casket.  The world let her know that was a no.  She’s since deleted her Instagram account.  

The practice of taking selfies at a funeral—even in front of an open casket—has become so commonplace that the Quebec corporation of funeral directors—a fun bunch, no doubt—has discussed how to educate people about what can be considered disrespectful.  But is it illegal?  Once a person has died, he no longer has a right to privacy, but family members and other mourners might if they are grieving in private.  If you’re a social media influencer trying to show how sad and sensitive you are, maybe read the room and be sensitive enough not to make someone else’s funeral about you.

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