Realistic Halloween Decorations

Police were called to investigate some too-realistic Halloween decorations.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

An Australian woman created a realistic body in a bag that she hung from a tree for Halloween, prompting complaints to police.  The homeowner posted she was sorry that the decoration triggered at least one neighbor who dealt with a real life tragedy but said that removing the decoration wasn’t going to remove the pain.  Did I mention she’s a life coach?

Complaints about Halloween decorations are not uncommon, but while most police departments will respond to complaints and let homeowners know they are offending neighbors, many police departments will allow even very gory displays unless they violate community standards (which are apparently quite tolerant) or are considered hate crimes like those that show minorities hanging from trees.  As for the life coach, she has now removed the display. But it’s not clear if it was because Halloween is now over, because of the pain it was causing, or because of the really bad advertising for a life coach it created.

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