One Colorado man decided a feather duster couldn’t hold a candle to a blowtorch.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Instead of clearing cobwebs with, I don’t know, a rag, a Colorado man used a blowtorch, which cleared the cobwebs, also, everything else in the fire he caused.  He’s not alone—a California woman burned down her house the same way, and a Texas woman burned down hers after setting fire to a snake.

But if you live in an apartment and you’re willing to leave pest control to the professionals but your landlord won’t call in a service, can you call a service and then deduct the cost from your rent?  Well, in most states, you do generally have the right to “repair and deduct,” but only where the problem is so serious that it jeopardizes your health (like a rodent infestation) and that the landlord has not fixed after you’ve provided notice, access, and a reasonable amount of time to fix it.  So, Google tenants’ rights in your state, and then put down the match.  Pick up a mop to clear cobwebs.

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