Gambling App Glitch

A Philadelphia woman just sued a gaming company that claimed her jackpot was actually a software glitch.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Lisa Piluso was playing on an online gambling app on her cell phone when she was told she hit a $100,000 jackpot.  But when she tried to collect, she was told that there was a bug in the system.  She’d actually won only $300—but as a measure of good faith they’d give her $1,000.  Hm.  Let’s see.  You’ll give me $1,000 even though I was told I won $100,000.  Yeah.  She filed a lawsuit.

While this is the first lawsuit of its kind involving an online gambling platform, it happens with some regularity that slot machines register a jackpot, only to have the gambler told that the machine malfunctioned.  The problem is that if it is a software glitch, gaming laws do NOT require casinos pay the money and people who have sued have lost.  If you’re lucky, you will be able to negotiate a free night’s hotel stay and a nice dinner buffet.  Of course, if you’re really lucky, maybe keep playing.

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