World’s Worst Boss

The photo of a sign hung up by an employer helped rocket that boss to the top of the “world’s worst boss” Reddit list.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A worker posted a photo on Reddit of a sign his boss hung up around the office that said, “Nobody cares.  Work harder.  The reward is worth it.”  What’s the reward?  Getting to keep your job?  No thanks.  Reddit community members slammed the owner of the office as the world’s worst boss.  Some commented that it was illegal and a hostile workplace.  Hostile?  Sure.  But illegal?  Probably not.

While employers have to abide by safety and health regulations and, of course, anti-discrimination laws, there’s actually no law that says that employers have to be kind.  Or likeable.  As pretty much any person who has ever worked could tell you.  Of course if a boss wants to retain happy workers, maybe hang signs showing happy people and see how that goes.

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