Folgers Lawsuit

A new lawsuit claims Folgers overstates the number of cups of coffee each canister makes by a latte.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

After you buy a canister of coffee at the market, do you keep track of how many cups that can actually makes?  One man does, and according to a class action lawsuit he filed against Folgers for false advertising, the amount of coffee in each canister makes less than 70% of the number of cups it says it will make on the label.  Folgers argues that there are different ways to brew coffee, some of which use more coffee grounds than others.

It’s not the first lawsuit against Folgers to make a similar claim, and Folgers managed to win another case after convincing a judge that the label says it will make up to a certain number of cups, which is not a guarantee.  We will see if the judge in this case comes to a different conclusion, or whether it will be deja brew all over again.

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