Botox Regulations

Appointments for one type of medical procedure surge this time of year.  Guess which one?  I’m Amy E.  Feldman.

Payment company Square found that Botox appointments surge between Thanksgiving and New Year’s—but before you make your appointment, know who is allowed to administer it to you.  Federal law says that licensed physicians, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses are all legally allowed to provide Botox and dermal fillers, and in some states, aestheticians can administer injectables.

But while the law says that any person with a medical license could provide an injectable, regardless of the type of medicine he or she practices, you should remember that you wouldn’t go to a dentist if you’re having a heart attack just because he’s called “doctor,” so ask for the practitioner’s qualifications for the procedure you are having done because, let’s face it—you won’t be smiling—or worse, won’t be able to stop smiling, if you’re not using someone who’s qualified.

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